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Pigs.game is a risk and game-theory based blockchain economy derived from the fable Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf launching gas-free on Immutable X - the Layer 2 for NFTs. We'll start off by launching the real-estate or land of our P2E game first, called 'Barns' - these NFTs are priced very affordably. The Gen 0 launch of Pigs and Wolves follows the launch of Barns. Each barn, piggie, and wolf is procedurally generated and has its own set of traits, rarity and appeal. All of the 250+ unique traits were lovingly hand drawn by our resident artist, Knight_Wind. All of these barns, and gen 0 NFTs will feature in our P2E game.

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$POINK Token

Each barn and gen 0 pigs.game NFT will earn you 10 $POINKs per day for ten years when staked. You can use the $POINK token to name your pig, add a bio, breed, care for the piggie family, and even sacrifice your piglet to chance breeding a rare piglet. With a wolf NFT, you can earn $POINK by simply staking your NFT.

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P2E Game

We're launching a MVP blockchain game based on risk and game theory which will allow users to earn $POINK. We'll launch a web based P2E game in Q3 2022 which will expand on the blockchain game.

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pigs.game DAO

50% of the secondary sale royalties go to the pigs.game DAO which will build and release IMXNFT, a no-code open-source web framework to launch NFT collections on Immutable X. The pigs.game DAO will also invest in the metaverse to make sure our piggies and wolves have a place in them

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Build in Public

We're only here because of the countless number of people who have shared their experience about launching NFTs. We will write about the process of launching an NFT and building web3 software and open source all our code.


Read our litepaper to learn more about the tokenomics of $POINK and how the blockchain game would work!

Read our Litepaper

Art Samples

Here's a preview of our barns and the gen 0 pigs and wolves

Barns SamplePigs and Wolves sample

Join Us

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Our Roadmap

We have a well thought out roadmap with achievable milestones and detailed plans for how we'll achieve our goals. We'll invest time, money, energy and resources into both building our blockchain and P2E games and the NFT collections that will come with it. We'll also build the IMXNFT open-source web framework to deliver utility and value to our early believers and the wider community


Our team has extensive experience working at web 2.0 startups. We're excited by the potential of what web 3.0 holds. WAGMI.

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Kai @ bloopyyyyyy

Founder, dev (12+ years), worked at and founded multiple startups across two continents. Looks after all the code, smart contracts and security stuff along with a team. LinkedIn, Twitter

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Founder, looks after community development and artist management. Has worked in the IT industry for many years. LinkedIn

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Founder, looks after operations. Has worked at a couple of high tech startups and is a mechanical engineer.

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Artist, cartoon illustrator by trade. Over his career of 12 years, he's done a variety of art for children's books, animated videos, and branding. He also runs his own web comic.


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